Cherry Master Delight Deluxe Update Kit Set By Dyna

Product ID: 00022

Availability: Unlimited Update Kits Sets


New Program 2018 Cherry Master Delight Deluxe

Plug And Play SUB-PCB

This Version Haven't Any Relation With Previous Versions!!

Can Not Be Defeated (Beatable)

We Have Fixed All The Malfunctions Of The Previous Versions!


Reliable Payout %

Freeze Screens

Raise Up The Bet As You Have Holding A Pair

Faster Take Score

Filling The Pools Of Bonus

Can Be Fit On Any Type of Board , Even for New or Old Types


!Kit Installs In Seconds!
!No Soldering Or Special Skills Needed!
!No Special Wiring Or Switches Are Needed!

Simply remove the Z80 chip from your board and then plug the New SUB-PCB into the vacated Z80 socket on the board. That`s it!


Including All The Features From Cherry Master Delight:

Hold A Pair After Losing Spin (Adjusted On Or Off)

Minimum Bet For Start Play 8

Cherry Bonus & 1Bar Bonus

Super Bell & Super Bar Pay X Bet (Urges Players Play With Large Bets) New Feature

The Fruits Bonus Increases As New Credits Entering (1 Credit / Pulse) New Feature

Can`t Hold A Pair And Raise Up The Bet (Blocked) New Feature

Double Up Mode 1 Card (Adjusted On Or Off) (Inserted From Florida Skill Ver.)

Watermelon Bonus Starts From 100 And Climbs To 200 New Feature

Bell Pool Starts From 100 New Feature Faster Take Score New Feature

Fast Play (Fast Auto Stop Reels) (Dipsw 2 Pin 3) New Feature

Key Out By 1/10 Credits (Dipsw 5 Pin 7) New Feature

All Fruits Bonus 200 Fixed
All Fruits Bonus 200 - 500 Progressive
All Fruits Bonus 500 Fixed
All Fruits Bonus 500 - 1000 Progressive
All Fruits Bonus 1000 Fixed
All Fruits Bonus 1000 - 2000 Progressive
All Fruits Bonus 2000 Fixed
All Fruits Bonus 2000 - 5000 Progressive
All Fruits Bonus 4000 - 7000 Progressive
All Fruits Bonus 5000 Fixed
All Fruits Bonus 5000 - 9000 Progressive
All Fruits Bonus 9000 Fixed

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