Cherry Master Deluxe 1998 8 Liner By Dyna

Available update kits sets for your PCB`s (even for old or new types boards).

Cherry Master ED-2000 8 Liner By Corsica

Available Update / Coversions Kits Sets For Any OLD Type PCB Board.

Cherry Plus 4in1 8 Liner By Cadillac Jack

4 Variations (Texas or Cherry or Animals or Cards)
Adjusted Min Bet For Start Play From 1 Bet Up To 64
Adjusted Max Bet For Play From 1 Bet Up To 64
Adjusted Jackpot Max Climb From 200 - 10000
Adjusted Required Bet For Jackpot Win
Adjusted Payout 50% - 95%
Hold A Pair After A Losing Spin
3-2-1 Bonus
And Many Others Useful Settings

Fruit Bonus 2020

Available unlimited brand new FRUIT BONUS 2020 boards
send me a message for a minimum quantity order 10pcs and lead time

Available Limited Used Board`s

Use the button below to buy a good used pcb

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