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Our complete gaming solution can be either used for starting your online casino business from scratch or can be easily integrated with an existing gaming website. The system is completely user-friendly and simple in terms of administration. Such features as high-speed performance, exceptional reliability, high scalability, and stability, as well as advantageous quality-price ratio, make Slots Online Casino Software stand out among other products in the market.

We are ready to give you the profitable business ONLINE CASINO TURNKEY. We take care of all ourselves, you just have to look at the finished site. Write to us, we will tell you everything!

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The best online solution for areas with a weak internet connection.


Q: So how much Internet traffic software use?
A: Internet traffic of one (1) terminal is 100Kb per hour if games are played constantly.
Q: What is the Internet speed requirement?
Is it possible to work if my Internet speed is lower than recommended?

A: The minimum speed is 256Kb/s. The recommended speed is 512Kb/s for a cafe with 20 terminals.
If speed is lower than that a player will see the games in "slow-motion" with pauses and connection losses.

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