Klondike 5 Liner Update Kit Set By Cadillac Jack

Product ID: 00053

Availability: Limited Update kits sets

You Can Update Or Convert Your Actual Cadillac Jack PCB Board CJ-8L With Below Versions:
Klondike 5 Liner Version 1.01 (MCU 3.2)
Klondike 5 Liner Version 1.03 (MCU 3.2)

With Above Kit Set You Can Update Or Converted Your Actual Cadillac Jack PCB Board CJ-8L to:
From Funny Fruit To Klondike 5 Liner
From Cherry Line To Klondike 5 Liner
From Cherry Plus To Klondike 5 Liner
From Super `97 Poker To Klondike 5 Liner
From Surprise To Klondike 5 Liner
From Triple Play To Klondike 5 Liner
From Master 5 To Klondike 5 Liner
From Reel Of Fortune To Klondike 5 Liner
From Barnyard To Klondike 5 Liner
From Klondike To Klondike 5 Liner
From Texas Reels To Klondike 5 Liner
From Reel Picker To Klondike 5 Liner
From Lucky Pot To Klondike 5 Liner
From Hot 777 To Klondike 5 Liner
And So On...

Setup On Screen, You Can Uses Your Old Manual


The kit including: 7 Eproms 27c040 and one MC68HC705C8A MCU
CGA graphics
Adjusted minimum bet for start play from 1 bet up to 200
Adjusted max bet for play from 1 bet up to 200
Adjusted jackpot base 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 (only for >v2.00)
Adjusted jackpot max climb from 1000 up to 100000
Caution: always set max equal or higher than base
Adjusted required bet for jackpot win
Adjusted payout 50% - 95% / 10 styles (1 for 50% - 10 for 95%)
Adjusted on or off extra reel spin after a losing spin
Adjusted on or off the high 5 scores
Adjusted on or off the skill spin feature
Charity ticket option
Standard 36/10 pin cherry master harness ready
And many others useful settings



More Update Or Conversion Games For Your Actual Cadillac Jack PCB Board CJ-8L:
CJ Cherry Plus MCU 2.1 V3.10, Funny Fruit MCU 2.3 V1.11 V1.13 V1.17, Triple Play MCU 2.4 V1.10
Master5 MCU 2.9 V1.03, Reel Of Fortune MCU 3.0 V1.00 V1.01 V1.02 V1.04,Barnyard MCU 3.1 V1.10
Klondike MCU 3.2 V1.01 V1.03, Texas Reels MCU 3.3 V1.01 V1.02, Reel Picker MCU 3.4 V1.01 V1.02 V1.03
Funny Fruit II MCU 4.9 V2.00, Hot7 II MCU 5.0 V2.00, Reel Picker II MCU 5.1 V2.00, Texas Reels II MCU 5.2 V2.00


!!!kit Installs In Minutes! No Soldering Or Special Skills Needed.
No Special Wiring Or Switches Are Needed!!!


Updating your board to the most recently released version will do the following things:
Fix glitches, frozen screens, fix percentaging issues and add the latest changes to the game and setting options made by the game manufacturer.
Please note that this does not always fix the issue you may be having. It only replaces your game software with the latest version released by the game manufacturer.
Updating the software on your board is easy! Simply lift out the old EPROM, reinsert the new EPROM (divot in new EPROM must face same direction as old EPROM removed) and then your board is ready to be plugged in and turned on!
If this will be your first time updating the software on a game board, we can walk you through the simple process and avoid any unfortunate side effects associated with installing the chips incorrectly!


Also We Support Updates And Conversion Kits Sets For Other Kinds Of Boards Such Dyna (Cherry Master Delight, Poker Master 1993, Power Play, ED-2000 etc) , Amcoe (New Fruit Bonus `96, New Cherry `96, Super Fruit Bonus 2000), Wing (W4 New Lucky 8 Lines, W6 Bonus Chance, W7 Skill Chance , Cherry Bonus, F5 and others)
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