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Availability: unlimited
This billacceptor works perfectly on the Amuse online platform.


The NV9 USB+ banknote validator, boasts enhanced sensing technology and a high acceptance rate for multi-currency. NV9 USB+ is a versatile banknote validator with cash-box and bezel options to suit all applications. The unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically and exceptional field reliability make the NV9 USB+ a truly global product.

“Enhanced sensing technology”
■ Exceptional field reliability
Enhanced sensing technology
Cashbox & bezel options to suit all applications
Future proof
Modular design - recycler or ticket printer available
Various cashbox and bezel options
Proven field reliability
Enhanced sensing technology = high acceptance rate for multi-currency
Easy maintenance, free firmware updates
Over 100 different world currencies accepted
Modular design - recycler or ticket printer available
Versatile validator, suitable for all applications
Lowest cost of ownership
Takes more cash
Future proof - quick & easy updates via USB, PC or handheld programmer
■ A truly global product
Ability to add note recycling or ticketing

Technical Specification
Requirements: 12 V
Standby: 0.2 A
Running: 1 A
Peak: 1.5 A

Bezel Options
66, 69, 78, 82 mm width
Vertical up
Vertical down
Various snout options

Various illumination options

Cash Box Options
300 / 600 slide
300 / 600 clip
300 lockable


Open collector
1.7 kg




For The Manual Paste The Below Link Into A Browser Window:

AED United Arab Emirates (5-10-20-50)
AED United Arab Emirates (5-10-20-50-100-200-500)
ALL Albania (200-500-1k-2k-5k)
AMD Armenia (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k)
AMD Armenia (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k)
ARS Argentina (5-10-20-50-100-200-500-1k)
AUD Australia (5-10-20-50-100)
AUD Australia (5-10-20)
BAM Bosnia-Herzegovina (10-20-50-100-200)
BDT Bangladesh (5-10-20-50-100-500-1k)
BGN Bulgaria (2-5-10-20-50-100)
BHD Bahrain (0.5-1-5-10-20)
BRL Brazil (2-5-10-20-50-100)
BWP Botswana (10-20-50-100-200)
CAD Canada (5-10-20-50-100)
CHF Switzerland (10-20-50-100)   
CHF Switzerland (10-20-50-100-200)
CLP Chile (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k)
COP Colombia (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k)
COP Colombia (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k)
COP Colombia (1k-2k-5k-10k)
COP Colombia (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k) Stacker-less
CZK Czech Republic (100-200-500-1k)
CZK Czech Republic (100-200-500-1k-2k-5k)
DKK Denmark (50-100-200-500)
DOP Dominican Republic (50-100-200-500-1k-2k)
DOP Dominican Republic(20-50-100-200-500-1k-2k)
DZD Algeria(100-200-500-1k-2k)
EGP Egypt (1-5-10-20-50-100)
EGP Egypt (1-5-10-20-50-100-200)
ETB Ethiopia (1-5-10-50-100)
EUR Euro (5-10-20-50-100-200-500)
GBP United Kingdom (5-10-20)
GBP UK - Scotland (5-10-20)
GBP UK - Scotland - Northern Ireland (5-10-20)
GBP UK - Northern Ireland (5-10-20)
GBP UK - Isle of Man (1-5-10-20)
GBP UK - Jersey (1-5-10-20)
GBP UK - Scotland (5-10-20)
GBP UK - Guernsey (1-5-10-20)
GBP UK - Northern Ireland (5-10-20)
GBP UK - Gibraltar (5-10-20)
GBP UK - Jersey - Guernsey (1-5-10-20)
GBP UK - Isle of Man (5-10-20)
GBP UK - Jersey (5-10-20)
GEL Georgia (5-10-20-50-100-200)
GTQ Guatemala (1-5-10-20-50-100-200)
HKD Hong Kong (10-20-50-100)
HKD Hong Kong (10-20-50-100-500)
HNL Honduras (1-2-5-10-20-50-100-500)
HNL Honduras (5-10-20-50-100-500)
HRK Croatia (10-20-50-100-200-500-1k)
HRK Croatia (10-20-50)
HUF Hungary (500-1k-2k)
HUF Hungary (500-1k-2k-5k-10k-20k)
HUF Hungary (500-1k-2k-5k)
IDR Indonesia (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k)
ILS Israel (20-50-100-200)
INR India (10-20-50-100) SPF3
INR India (10-20-50-100-200-500-2k)
IQD Iraq (250-500-1k-5k-10k)
IRR Iran (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k-500k)
ISK Iceland (500-1k)
JMD Jamaica (50-100-500-1k)
JOD Jordan (1-5-10-20-50)
JPY Japan (1k)
KGS Kyrgyzstan (20-50-100-200-500-1k-5k)
KHR Cambodia (100-500-1k-2k-5k-10k)
KRW South Korea (1k)
KWD Kuwait (0.25-0.5-1-5-10-20)
KWD Kuwait (1/4-1/2-1)
KWD Kuwait(1/4-1/2-1-5-10-20) Stacker-less
KZT Kazakhstan (200-500-1k-2k-5k-10k) SPF3
KZT Kazakhstan (200-500-1k-2k-5k-10k-20k) SPF3
LAK Laos (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k)
LBP Lebanon (1k-5k-10k-20k-50k)
LBP Lebanon (1k-5k-10k)
MAD Morocco (20-50-100-200)
MDL Moldova (1-5-10-20-50-100-200)
North Macedonia (10-50-100-200-500-1k-2k)
MMK Myanmar (100-200-500-1k-5k-10k)
MNT Mongolia (500-1k-5k-10k)
MOP Macau (10-20-50-100)
MUR Mauritius (25-50-100-200-500-1k-2k)
MXN Mexico (20-50-100-200)
MXN Mexico(20-50-100-200-500)
MYR Malaysia (1-5-10-20-50-100)
NAD Namibia (10-20-50-100-200)
NGN Nigeria (20-50-100-200-500-1k)
NOK Norway (50-100-200-500)
NOK Norway (50-100-200-500-1k)
NPR Nepal (5-10-20-50-100)
NPR Nepal (5-10-20-50-100-500-1k)
NZD New Zealand (5-10-20-50-100)
PEN Peru (10-20-50-100)
PHP Philippines (20-50-100-200-500-1k)
PKR Pakistan (10-20-50-100)
PKR Pakistan (10-20-50-100-500-1k-5k)
PLN Poland (10-20-50-100)   
PLN Poland (10-20-50-100-200)   
PLN Poland (10-20-50-100-200-500)
PYG Paraguay (2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k)
QAR Qatar (1-5-10-50-100)
QAR Qatar (1-5-10-50-100-200)
RON Romania (1-5-10-50-100)
RON Romania (1-5-10-50-100-200)
RON Romania (1-5-10-50-100-200) Stacker-less
RSD Serbia (10-20-50-100-200-500-1k)
RSD Serbia (10-20-50-100-200-500-1k-2k)
RSD Serbia (10-20-50-100-200-500-1k-2k-5k)
SAR Saudi Arabia (1-5-10-20-50-100-200-500)
SAR Saudi Arabia (1-5-10-20-50-100-200)
SEK Sweden (20-50-100)
SEK Sweden (20-50-100-200-500)
SGD Singapore (2-5-10-50)
SGD Singapore (2-5-10)
SLL Sierra Leone (1k-2k-5k-10k)
THB Thailand (20-50-100-500-1k)
TJS Tajikistan (1-3-5-10-20-50-100)
TMT Turkmenistan (1-5-10-20-50-100)
TND Tunisia (5-10-20)
TRY Turkey (5-10-20-50-100)
TRY Turkey (5-10-20-50-100-200)
TWD Taiwan (100-200-500-1k)
TWD Taiwan (100-200-500-1k-2k)
TZS Tanzania (500-1k-2k-5k-10k)
UAH Ukraine(10-20-50-100-200-500)
UAH Ukraine(10-20-50-100)
UGX Uganda (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k)
USD United States (1-5-10-20-50-100)
USD United States (1-5-10-20-50-100-2)
USD United States (1-B-5-10-20-50-100)
UZS Uzbekistan (1k-5k-10k-50k-100k)
VND Vietnam (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k)
VND Vietnam (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k)
VND Vietnam (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k-200k-500k)
VND Vietnam (1k-2k-5k-10k-20k-50k-100k-200k)
VND Vietnam (10k-20k-50k-100k-200k-500k)
XAF Central African franc (500-1k-2k-5k-10k)
XOF West Africa franc (500-1k-2k-5k-10k)
ZAR South Africa (10-20-50-100-200)
ZMK Zambia (2-5-10-20-50-100)

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