16in1 Lucky Slots Multigame

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Size: main board 27.2cm x 12cm x 27.2cm
interface board 24cm x 13cm x 4.5 cm
Weight: 2.5KG (Set Net weight)
1. Touch Screen is available.
2. Display: Single or Dual monitor are all available.
3. Game option: 16 in 1 or 1 in 1
4. Can set up one game or multi games or 16 games
5. Percentage: low 88-92%, normal: 92-96%
6. Game diversity and funny
7. Supply I/O board to use 10+36pin connector
8. Model: single screen or dual screen
9. Support touch function , SAS
10. Bill acceptor, printer: pulse

16in1 Lucky Slots

 Lucky Slots 16in1 is a multi-game with 16 video slots connected in an initial panel of choice.

It is given an opportunity to choose between the following games: Book of Magic, Vampire, Exotic Fruits, Pirates, Sexy Girls, Indian Treasure

Lucky Fruits, Nostradamus, Ramses, Sea Treasure, Montezuma, Bonus Poker and American Joker and others.

Different games are listed separately and all the opportunities for profit are described.

The wide variety of games in Lucky Slots 16in1 makes it attractive and preferred by many of our customers.

The PCB Kit including complete motherboard with 36/10 I/O board

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