3 Card Poker 8 Liner By AL

Product ID: 00071

Availability: Limited Used Boards / Unlimited New Boards

Available Update / Coversions Kits Sets For Any OLD Type PCB Board.

3 CARD POKER By "Armaly Labs"
8 Liner CGA PCB Board
Based On "Power Play" With Play Cards Theme


Cherry Master Game - CGA 8 Liner
Classic Fruit With Cards Graphics
4 Bonus
All Fruits Bonus (Dual Progressive 500 --> 2500)
Deuces Bonus (Free Spins on Deuces stage)
Jacks Bonus (7 Free Spins on Jacks stage)
Double Up Game - High-Low Girl Card Game
Main game payout settings => 55% / 60% / 65% / 70%
Faster Take Win score x10
When you order we can Enable or Dissable the CB (Coin Back) Function

Also we can adjust as you desire the dual fruit bonus

Images Have Been Processed At Lower Analyzes Than Real Ones To Load Faster

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