Cherry Master Deluxe 1998 8 Liner By Dyna

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Available update kits sets for your PCB`s (even for old or new types boards).

8 Liner CGA PCB Board
Does Your Cherry Master Pay Too Much?
Finally We Have This Rare Special Version.

It has been tested in locations for months.
Its fast build up, easy to get pool, makes it attractive to players.
Its tight percentage (29%), guarantees you to make money.
The first program in this industry to favor both sides, the player and the vendor
Special features:
1. All Fruit Bonus: On the top right corner, it starts from 200.
If you bet 8 credits, it will add 1 to the pool. The pool maximum is 2000.
When you have all the fruits once, you can take the All Fruits pool.
2. Bell Bonus: On the bottom right corner, this pool can be built up very fast, in 20 minutes,
it can be a few hundred. Imagine, just winning one more Triple Bell to get the Bell Bonus.
The players will be playing like crazy. The pool has a random start from 100 to 390.
The center 7 will add 10 credits. Center Triple 7 will add 20 credits. Outer 7 adds 5 credits.
Outer triple 7 adds 10 credits to the Bell pool.
3. Watermelon Bonus: On the bottom left corner, when you win 3 watermelons on any pay-line,
you will have 10 credits in the pool. When it accumulates to 100, you can take the Watermelon pool.

All the DIP switch settings are the same as Cherry Master Delight, except:
DIP switch 1 : 1 When Set ON, it Will Hold Pairs.
DIP switch 2 :

Pin 1 ON and Pin 2 ON =29%
Pin 1 OFF and Pin 2 ON =38%
Pin 1 ON and Pin 2 OFF =47%
Pin 1 OFF and Pin 2 OFF =56%
DIP switch #2 / Pin 3 : Recommended OFF (on ON Position The Reels Stops Auto)
Minimum bet 8 to start: Set the DIP Switch 5-7 on or Set it OFF to get a Minimum Bet 1 to Start.

This Version Provided As Is Without Any Modification

Product Description

  • Cherry Master Game - CGA 8 Liner
  • Classic Fruit With Bar and Bell Graphics
  • 5 Bonus 
    •        All Fruits Bonus (Progressive 200 --> 2000)
    •        Watermelon Bonus (0 - 100)
    •        Cherry Bonus (Free Spin on 7`s stage)
    •        Bell Bonus (Free Spins on bells stage)
    •        1Bar Bonus (7 Free Spins on Bar`s stage)
  • Double Up Game - High-Low Girl Card Game
  • Main game payout settings from 29% / 38% / 47% / 56%
  • DIP Switch Set Up
  • Includes Game Manual
  • Connects to Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness

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